We are GUMA.

For more than 90 years, we have been dedicated to the manufacturing of household cleaning and personal hygiene products. The story begins in the 1930s as a family venture by Don José Guma in the city of Jesús María, Córdoba, Argentina; reaching exports to more than 20 countries. We have a significant state-of-the-art industrial plant with over 35,000 square meters of surface where more than 30,000 tons of products are manufactured, surpassing the most rigorous quality tests.


Don José GumaA Catalan who arrived at a very young age in Argentina with an energetic spirit and dreams of progress, in 1932, along with his wife, Mrs. Jacinta Colombo, founded our company. In its early days, the artisanal production of soaps took place in the backyard of the house, with such success that after a few years, it became the main activity for the family.

Incorporating the 2nd generation, Fernando and José Antonio, the company transforms into... "José Guma and children S. de H."...; and in 1959, with the acquisition of a site in the Malabrigo - Colonia Caroya area, the construction of the new factory begins, commencing its operations in 1966.

In 1969 Don José Guma He passes away, leaving his consolidated company in the hands of his children, a result of his cautious and entrepreneurial character. Carlos, the youngest of his children, joins the leadership of the company.


In view of progress, around 1970, new technology is incorporated, including vacuum drying lines for the production of compact laundry soaps. In 1974, the company name transforms into... "José Guma and children S.R.L" ...with the entry of the rest of the siblings,
Mercedes, Laura, and Luisa join as new partners.

By the late 1970s, the... third generation The third generation joins the family business at the end of the 1970s, bringing a renewed drive, a spirit of progress, and professionalism that their founders practiced and left as a legacy. As a natural part of its growth, in the 1990s, the company transforms into... "José Guma S.A".

New technology is incorporated for the manufacturing of... toilet soaps.In 1988, "Gumalar" is founded in the province of La Rioja. In 1991, all the production of toilet soap is consolidated in the facilities of... Malabrigo - Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, Argentina.

We started manufacturing products on a toll basis for colleague companies with great international prestige, a result of the recognition of the quality and service of our company.


Private label brands from distribution channels and national and international supermarket chains are added to the toll manufacturing services.

A new production line for toilet soap is added. ISO 9001 Quality standards are certified.Quality Management is defined as a corporate policy.

The production of the brand "Gigante" begins.as an emblem of a new line of liquid household cleaning products. With an eye toward the future, in 2004, the entry of members from the fourth generation begins. as a symbol of growth, renewal, and continuity of the business as a family venture.

Launch of the brand DUC, as a challenge of new products in the line of cosmetics and premium soaps.

A new production line is added to manufacture bleach.


To transcend through time and borders. Contributing to the well-being of people in the care of their body and their surroundings.


Create and strengthen our brands. as pillars of trust, prestige, and choice for our customers, and consolidate them as an alternative to the leaders. Grow, maintain, and improve our marketing channels. Expanding our product offerings in different markets.


Produce our products seeking effectiveness and efficiency. In processes that allow us to be agile and flexible in providing responses to our customers, taking advantage of business opportunities where the benefits are real and concrete. Consolidate our commitment to service. To exceed our customers' expectations, seeking their loyalty and respect.

Prioritize a robust economic position underpinned by the generation of value, the responsible use of resources, and a balance between income distribution and investment in products, processes, markets, training, and infrastructure Promover el estado de bienestar Empower individuals within the organization through respect, development, and recognition—fundamental values for achieving identity, a sense of belonging, and commitment in pursuit of the set objectives.

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