History and business purpose


Our company was founded by José Guma, a young Catalan immigrant.
At a very young age, he worked as an employee for different stores, until he decided to start his own business.
At the end of the 1930s, he began to manufacture homemade soap. He was so successful that this soon became his main activity.
José Guma's drive made his business grow rapidly, which eventually attracted his children.


José Guma died in 1969. This man of great enterprise left to his children a strong company, the result of a vigorous and cautious spirit, and of his willingness for hard work and progress.
In 1980, the third generation of the Guma family in Argentina entered the business, giving a fresh touch to the initiative, the spirit of progress and the professionalism that our founder practiced and taught.


Our Mision

To stand out as the most convenient option in the market of toilet hygiene and sanitary products, by providing our customers with great business opportunities through ultimate efficiency in quality, service and costs.


Our Vision

The quality of our products and services, together with our permanent search for cost reduction through an increased efficiency in our processes and resource management, have always been key factors to be competitive given the current national and international market requirements.>



Proveedor de productos para el cuidado personal e higiene del hogar
Colonia Caroya - Córdoba - Argentina

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